Chris Szostek

I am Chris Szostek, an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer & web creator. Working primarily in WordPress & Bootstrap for web work. I have a history of working with small businesses & clients who want to have more control over their site. My illustration work is done with ink and dip pens.
I started with pencil and ink, traveled through the digital tools & found my favorite tools to be ink & pen / brush / tooth brush / stick / pipette… I do use graphite occasionally for a rough layout, but most of my work is ink only. The adventure with ink is that you commit, there is no undo. If I don’t like a line or a stroke, I have to make it work or I have to start over. I do still work in digital for editing & other design / illustrator work. I have been published in the Dresden Dolls book The Virginia Companion on page 1, a few music album covers & flyers, I sell my work at as many conventions and art fairs as I can. Prints and originals are available on my Etsy. I am available for contract & commission work. You can contact me at